Wednesday, May 21, 2014

With Love to China and All Hackers

I've always enjoyed studying the history and culture of China. It's a fascinating country.

Unfortunately, I don't agree with some of their politics or the communist agenda. This has kept me from visiting what I'm sure is one of the most interesting countries in the world.

One day, I hope to see China. I know that it'll take a long time, even if I only visit a few places, with the country being as vast as it is.

What transpired this week, with the US government filing charges against Chinese military officers is scary. Those of us who have a basic grasp of the Oriental philosophy realize this is a much more serious affront than it appears to be in the news headlines.

Only a person of ignorance would think that cyber-spying is not going on in this new age. Everyone is doing it. Many companies are doing it, both to employees and clients. Governments are doing it to other governments, companies and their own citizens. Hackers are doing it for whatever reasons they have, good or bad.

It didn't start last week, last year or in the last decade. It's been going on every since the first computer network was set up. Someone, somewhere wants to know what you're doing.

I quit worrying about it.

Watch all you want.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Your malfunction may not be the same

As the malfunction that started your glitch. Please refer to that which is not known to know what should be known, if only you knew it.

I would like to thank Donald Rumsfeld for the inspiration for the above rumination.

Anybody out there writing a book called, "Ruminations on Rummy"?